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Registration Instructions

Please read this entire page before signing up for the program.

One email address and one password may be used for any and all accounts created at Free World U, but a unique username must be created for each account.

A parent, who will find the registration form here, should create an account and add student accounts for each child.

Parents who register their students into the full program will have access to a verification letter via the parent dashboard. This letter may be presented to local school officials as proof that the students have enrolled in our school.

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Special Notes:

When filling out a registration form, all items with an asterisk (*) must be completed.

If you find you cannot access a newly created account, do not create a new account. This will cause issues for the student. Instead, contact administration at:

A password should not be a word that is in the dictionary. Any dictionary word can easily be cracked by a hacker. It is fine to append two or more words.

Students should not share their login information with anyone except their parent or someone they trust completely. Students should not change their login information without informing their parents.