Our Method

Our unique method of learning has been proven through independent research to be on average seven times faster than traditional classroom learning. There are no textbooks. Everything has been reduced to its smallest possible units and then divided into a question and answer format presented on electronic flashcards. As you learn, you eliminate the flashcards until no more exist. We can send you a very detailed daily progress report on what has transpired so that this entire process is transparent.

Registration and Activation Tutorial


Flashcard and Exam Portal Tutorial

Student Homeroom

Patent Pending System

Our proven patent-pending program is supported by research that shows that children can learn faster and enjoy learning more using our methods.


The curriculum is taught via flashcards that break subjects down into small, easily assimilated fact units.

Automatic Tracking of Student Progress

Our system automatically remembers what each student has learned and what he or she needs to keep working on.

Progress Reports and Dashboards

Our full program gives parents and students easy access to progress reports, certificates of completion for subjects masterd by students and transcripts.

Student Account Options

The freedom to choose what works best for you


$ 0 
* Access subjects and subtopics for all school levels of Flaschards FREE!
* Statistics Page - shows which Flashcards in the subtopics have been viewed by the student


$ 19.95/mo.
* Includes everything in the Basic Free Program PLUS:
* Exams
* Exam Portal,
 Feedback Function on every flashcard.
* Year Plan for choosing the subjects the student plans to study during the school year
Progress Bars at the top of the page, showing where student is versus their year plan
  • Billed monthly


$ 29.95/mo.
* Includes everything in the Basic Plus Program, PLUS:
* Student Dashboard
* Certificates of Subject Completion
Daily Journal without teacher feedback.

  • $20 Setup Fee
  • Billed Monthly


$ 90/mo.
* Includes everything in the Basic Extended Program, PLUS:
* Parent Dashboards
* Student Progress Reports
* Letters of verification
* Transcripts
* Project Study for keeping track of outside activities
* Daily Journal with teacher feedback 
  • $20 Setup Fee
  • Billed monthly


“I don't know what we would do without Free World U. Your site has given us the ultimate homeschool resource! My daughter loves the flashcards, we can move at our own pace, and most of all she is LEARNING!! We are working at the 8th grade level, but we use information from almost every grade level and subject to enhance whatever it may be that we are studying, Thank you so much for your work and dedication, and please know, it is very, very much appreciated and is making a difference in our lives. I have told every homeschool family I know about this site and have passed it along to public and private school teachers as well. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts, the difference you are making in my daughter's education is beyond words”

“I tell everyone I know about it. This is an incredible resource and it will change the world! I put it in the same category as World Book and Britannica, maybe even better. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!.”

“My child and I love this learning material. It is very helpful. I am super thankful she is gaining the confidence she deserves. Thank you for this awesome learning material..”

“You are a national treasure and will go down in history for starting something truly remarkable. Thank you and please keep up the great work!”