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Basic Free Program

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Free World U offers four programs

The Basic Free Program is free of charge to all who wish to use it.

Requiring only use of the Internet, the Basic Free Program offers access to all of the kindergarten through twelfth grade instructional flashcards that are used in the accredited school. The primary level and select upper grade level flashcards have the option of audio to read the cards to the student. Classical music selections shown by research to enhance learning are accessible with a single click from any flashcard. Multimedia tutorials are provided to teach users how to use Free World U most effectively.

For those who wish to register, the Basic Free Program automatically customizes the student's instructional flashcards based on the student's desired time to see each flashcard again. Student progress through the flashcards is available to registered users in a real-time progress chart.

The Basic Free Program is not part of the accredited school and does not offer documentation of enrollment or attendance.

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