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Welcome to Free World U. There are two ways to take advantage of the Free World U learning program. We are pleased to offer our innovative system of learning.

Our school program includes writing evaluation, certified teachers, objective assessments, a progress dashboard, transcripts, administrative reports, certificates of completion, and a high school diploma.

Free World U students may work any time, day or night. There are no classes to attend. The student relationship with the teacher will be individualized, with1 to 1 interaction. You will be able to start any time and can progress at your own rate.

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We are excited to be able to offer many new improvements to students of our program. Among the enhancements to the school is the addition of key support staff. The new staff includes more credentialed teachers. We are committed to being available to our students at any point of need.

Students in our program will have unlimited access to the virtual flashcards, through which the Free World U curriculum is delivered. The program will maintain statistics of progress through the flashcards, accessible by clicking Show Statistics on any flashcard within the desired subject. Parents and/or learning coaches, however, are responsible for keeping any and all records beyond the online statistics. Verification of enrollment, attendance, assessments, progress reports, certificates of completion, and diplomas, as well as academic support, are available to students of the program.

We invite you to browse our website. After you register, you will be able to explore the site to its fullest.

We employ a method of accelerated learning that bypasses books, classrooms, and lectures while teaching factual information up to seven times faster than by conventional means. Free World U teaches the student how to employ accelerated learning and presents the evidence for its success. But we take it several steps further. Complex information is predigested — broken down into its smallest component fact units. Every new word is defined. Difficult terms will be pronounced audibly soon. The information is presented in a question-and-answer format.

Click here to read about accelerated learning.

Learning by this manner is an active process because the student is constantly challenged by a question. When a fact unit is mastered, it is removed from the question pool. The program tracks the status of every information fact unit, for every student. Our information is categorized under Schools. Within Schools are Years; within Years are Subjects; within Subjects are Topics; within Topics are Subtopics; within Subtopics are Flashcards, each of which are designed to teach the student a bit of information. This organizational structure makes it simple to navigate through our schools.

Before you begin studying flashcards, please understand that this is an entirely ungraded process. The flashcards are there for you and you alone. When you see a flashcard, you will see a question and attempt to answer it in your mind. Sometimes the answer is a unique word, sometimes it is one of several words, and sometimes it is an idea which can be expressed by a variety of words. In the end, you are the final judge of whether or not you understand the concept and have answered the question correctly. You will likely want to study many of the flashcards several times before you are confident that you know the information.

The best way to learn about our method of accelerated learning is to try it for yourself. The first step is to register. If you have not already registered, click on the registration link at the left and complete a simple form. Then explore this site by clicking on any link. Components of the program will only become visible after registering for the program and logging in. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your full potential.