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Free World U Summer School

Carefully read this entire page before registering.

Free World U’s summer school is not part of the year-round school. The summer school program is intended to be used by public and private school students who need to make up credits to transfer into their current school. It is the sole responsibility of summer school students and their parents or guardians to gain authorization from the student’s current school to complete summer school credits through Free World U for transfer into the student’s current school.

Free World U’s summer school is:
asynchronous—meaning you choose what time of day (or night) to do your school work, and you can work as quickly as
you’d like.
fully accredited—Free World U is a regionally accredited school, accredited by the Northwest Accreditation
Commission, an accreditation division of AdvanceEd. Credits earned from a regionally accredited school, like
Free World U, are more likely to be accepted by your current school.
customized for each student— Every time you view an instructional flashcard, you have five options of when you want to
see it again. Based on your response, your curriculum changes to fit your need. Each time you answer an exam question,
your curriculum is again customized to reflect what you have shown you know and what needs review.

Free World U provides its summer school students:
An accredited curriculum delivered via innovative virtual flashcards.
Curriculum customized specifically for you with each flashcard you view and each exam question you answer
Short Term Exams to confirm learning and provide the student opportunity for review before Long Term Exams.
Long Term Exams to verify student learning.
Real-time access to student progress information via the Parent Dashboard—know exactly what your child has worked on and how he or she is doing each day!
Access to unlimited review material during the May 15-Aug 15 summer school session. Credit is only offered for the enrolled subject, but the student is able to access related material at any grade level whenever additional re view is needed.
Freedom to work anywhere that you have  an Internet connection—at home, in the car, at the park, during your
Student handbook detailing expectations and responsibilities, and providing tips to maximize learning.
Free World U requires summer school students to:
Attend Free World U at least five days each week. You are encouraged to work seven days a week to improve your mastery rate and ensure that you will complete your course by the end of the summer session.
Work for a minimum of three hours per day, per course. You may take breaks as desired but your total learning for the day must be at least three hours per course.
Complete exams the day they become available.
Review lessons after any missed exam question to help find and correct your mistake so you can answer correctly the next time you encounter that exam question.
Free World U requires parents of summer school students to:
Gain verification from the student’s permanent school that the credit(s) earned at Free World U’s summer school will be accepted. Free World U is regionally accredited by NWAC, an accreditation division of AdvancEd, and as its credits are widely accepted through the U.S. and overseas. However each individual school reserves the sole right to accept or deny Free World U credits. Authorization should be obtained prior to enrolling in Free World U’s summer school program.
Monitor student attendance and progress daily via the Parent Dashboard.
Help the student make adjustments whenever progress is not adequate to earn credit before the August 15 end of the 2013 summer session.
Communicate any questions or concerns to Free World U in a timely manner. Because the summer school session is just 13 weeks long, even a few days’ delay can significantly hamper the student’s ability to complete the program before the end of the summer school session.