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Free World U Tuition

Over the past 10 years, Free World U has offered our entire curriculum free to the world and approximately 47,950 people in 130 countries have signed up.

We have been building a new, highly enhanced and patent-pending program which we launched in July 2015. We are accepting enrollments now and are able to offer our Full Program at the rate of $150 per month per student.

Our Full Program includes:
*Access subjects and subtopics for all school levels including some pre-med and medical school subjects
* Daily Journal - teacher monitored writing assignments
* Project Study - Keeps track of outside activities
* Certificates of Completion for each Subject and Transcripts for all Subjects available to download and print
* Parental Monitoring - Soon to be available up-to-the-minute student activity monitoring through text messaging. Listed below are yearly discounts and discounts for more than one student enrolling from the same family.

Our new tutor program includes:
* Access to subjects and subtopics only within a particular school level - Elementary, Middle School, High School, or ESL/ELL.
* Great for students who just want flashcards and exams within their school level, without extras like Daily Journal - monitored writing assignments and evaluation, Project Study - keeping track of outside activities, Certificates of Completion and Transcripts, and more added to the Full Program
* Also great for students who need short or long term tutoring or remedial work in a particular school level

If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Smith at, or call 702-425-4398

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