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About Us

Free World U
2360 Corporate Circle Suite 400
Henderson, NV 89074

Mailing Address:
404 Taylor St.
Paragould, AR 72450

Phone: 505-659-1024

Please email us with details of your concerns if you don't get through on the above phone number.
Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.
Fax: 601-510-9578

Information or technical assistance email:

Our Board of Directors is listed here.
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At Free World U, our mission is to enable students to develop academically and socially to their fullest potential, using innovative online technology while maintaining an environment of open communication and shared responsibility with administration, staff, students, parents, and board members.

Free World U has a strong history of offering cutting-edge education using accelerated learning strategies. The Free World U program joins the World Health Medical program, a joint partnership with traditional medical schools throughout the world.

President and CEO
- David Hall

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
- Janice Ivy

Managing Editor
- Christine Rhine

Curriculum Development
- Kelly Azel

Administrative Staff
- LaRue Foster

- Kay Hall
- Gayle Merritt

Technical Line Editors
- Lisa Colavitti
- Christine Rhine

Beta Testing
- Charles Barrow
- Pamela Smith
- Tressa Tucker

Graphic Designers
- Allison Keller
- Tonya Minor
- Joe Montano

Audio Specialists
- Adair Moran
- Avital Raynor
- Kristi Reiersgard
- John Woodworth

- Ed Ciaccio
- Adam Hoffman
- Gregory MacKay
- Haricharan Merugula

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
- Laura Thompson Shive

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
- Pamela Smith

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
- Gregory MacKay

Teaching and Writing Staff
- Ursula Ahern
- Tim Akpinar
- Kelly Azal
- Angela Barth
- Laura Brown
- Lisa Colavitti
- Angel Chuaychoo
- Helen Dibene
- Jamie Holcomb
- Janice Ivy
- Lauren Katulka
- Amanda Kelly
- Tara Keppel
- Debra LiCausi
- Beth Mahaney
- Tanya Majmudar
- Megan Moncrief
- Carrole Mount
- Samir Patel
- Carol Raemsch
- Jae Rauhut
- Christine Rhine
- Paul Rhine
- Deanna Romito
- Pamela Sanford
- Pamela Smith
- Corinne Tinacci
- Neil Wagner
- Brandy Walters
- Melissa Wokasch O'Hern