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Diplomas, Transcripts and FreeworldU

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At the present time we have over 30,000 registered users in 50 states and 96 countries.

We can provide transcripts which can be used to prove your academic achievement. You also receive tests, a dashboard which shows your progress in real time, administrative reports (required in some states), certificates of completion, and highly qualified teachers.

We are currently adding to our existing pool of online multiple-choice tests. These will be accompanied by a dashboard that will show at a glance the student's progress.

Our program makes even the most difficult subjects simple. We recently did a controlled study and found that on the average, students learn about seven times faster than those using classroom methods. Students with learning disorders did particularly well although we will focus on this in more detail in our next round of research.

Homeschooling parents ask us if the authorities will accept our program. States vary considerably in their strictness regarding the homeschooling process. We have not had a case yet where authorities have rejected our program, even in the more strict states. It is important to join a homeschooling group in your area. They will have gone through the process and will be happy to help you through it. It is a big mistake to go it alone. Often parents will be asked for their curriculum. You can download that from our website. We are constantly adding to it.

Many parents have told us that our program is an answer to prayer for homeschooling families. Parents don't have to create lesson plans or be experts. The teaching process is all laid out in meticulous detail. We not only have to write tests but elaborate software that creates an individual learning program for every student as an individual and ensures that no student gets through the program without mastering all of the material. Once we have this, and we are well on our way although it is not visible yet, we will also be able to offer detailed transcripts of work completed.

Our program is extremely well-suited for homeschooling parents in its present form.