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Flashcard Theory

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Electronic flashcards enable students to master curriculum content quickly and efficiently. Flashcards are more than memory tools; they can be used to teach problem solving and thought processes of almost every kind.

To understand electronic flashcards, imagine that you have a stack of real cards in your hands. Each card has a question on one side and the answer on the other. Read the question on the first card and try to answer it in your mind. Then flip the card over and look at the answer. If you get the question right, put the card on the table beside you. If you don't know the answer, put the card at the bottom of the stack in your hands. Continue doing this until you have answered all the cards correctly and they are all on the table, and none of them remain in your hands. In a normal study session like this, you would get the easy cards right after one or two passes, while the difficult cards might take five to ten.

Our students tell us that they can learn what normally takes six hours in about a half an hour. Everything that they need to know is in one place.

We have made a discovery that has revolutionized learning. That discovery is that all courses of study, whether mathematics, social studies, science, or language arts, are reducible to single fact units that are analogous to atoms in science. Our discovery has made several things possible:

Simplicity. By viewing only one fact unit at a time, the material is made as simple as humanly possible. Extraneous and superfluous information is removed. It is rare that students need tutoring when they use our system. When they do, we provide it by telephone or e-mail free of charge.

Comprehensiveness. Students have the ability to separate what they know from what they don't know. By continually eliminating material as it is learned, students are certain that they have mastered all of the content. The unlearned material is contained in an organized way until it is learned. Note taking is unnecessary. The system will always remember the status of each individual student.

Active Engagement. We introduce each fact unit with a short question to stimulate the mind to wonder about the answer. This produces active learning. Furthermore, every flashcard is illustrated with a picture. This associates symbolic concepts with visual images which, for many students, accelerates the learning process.

Flashcard writing is a special art and science. We use both text and graphics on our flashcards for cognitive and visual learners. Our authors are extensively trained and have a special aptitude for teaching. Our editors are highly qualified teachers and educators. We have developed a comprehensive online system to manage the creation of thousands of flashcards.