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Welcome prospective parents and students!

You are invited to study our online flashcards, free of charge.  You can use our system in any way you see fit.  Our only stipulation is that you register on our website.  Registration is free and not obligatory in any way.

We have developed a number of resources to help new users learn more about Free World U.  While you are free to explore our site in any way you choose, we have developed a roadmap to guide new users.  The resources linked to on the left of this page are arranged in order of importance and should be followed sequentially.

Before you start studying flashcards, please understand that this is an entirely ungraded process.  The flashcards are there for you and you alone.  When you see a flashcard, you will see a question and attempt to answer it in your mind.  Sometimes the answer is a unique word, sometimes it is one of several words, and sometimes it is an idea which can be expressed by a variety of words.  In the end, you are the final judge of whether or not you understand the concept and have answered the question correctly.  You will likely want to study each flashcard several times before you are confident that you know it. 

To study a group of flashcards, first select a school.  You may browse all available schools here. Select the Year that you are interested in, then the Subject, then the Topic, and finally the Subtopic.  The school is the highest level of a five tiered classification system that branches out like a tree.  Only subtopics contain flashcards.  The rest of the categories are for classification only.

School > Year > Subject > Topic > Subtopic > Flashcard

You will be presented with the question side of the first flashcard in that subtopic. Wonder about the answer. Then click Show Answer to see the other side of the flashcard with the answer. You can flip back and forth between the question side and the answer side. Make a decision about whether you know the answer and the degree to which you will remember it. When you mark a flashcard as Incorrect you will see it again after you have gone through the subtopic and have started it again. You won't see any of the cards you marked as Correct; never show again.  Only choose this selection if you believe that you will remember the answer for the rest of your life.

Cards you've marked as Correct; show again after 1 day, will appear if you start the subtopic over one day or more after you finish it.  When you finish a subtopic, you have the option to "reset" it, allowing you to see all cards in it when you start it over.

For more specific help, please use our tutorial here. You are also welcome to email with your questions.